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Title Stationary Shenanigans
Words 1,492
Rating R or NC-17
Notes Complete self indulgent PWP lol. I'll just leave this here in the hopes someone that is still into this pairing finds this entry! Also, my first attempt at writing anything since high school (awhile) and first ever rudez writing, so I hope it's not completely terrible!

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Yes really. Because when the Office came out I was 14 and didn't understand life and just how miserable it is, now I am more than aware!

Fan art of Gareth/Tim of a ~sexual~ nature, nothing too hot and heavy but probably not safe for work for suggestive nature.

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Title: Scenes
Author: Lazaefair
PG for Gareth/Tim

If it feels incomplete, it is, but I can't seem to make myself continue. So I'm posting what I have.

Cut to my journal

Is anyone still here?

Hello all! There's just not enough Office love out there, so after devouring all I could find here I decided to join in.

Title: A little bit of nothing.
Rating: G, for 'No porn here'.
Word count: 350.
Notes: Tim's being a little cagey about his love life, and Gareth is looking a little too pleased for Dawn's liking.

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dont let the icon fool you

its not porn

haha im evil. anyway, Konsty's ... fifth? prize from my contest. not as weird and twisted as the last, i assure you.

cuz its clean 8D
*gets pummeled by tomatos*

Title Morning After
Words 2,285
Rating god... PG-13? really not that much at all
Notes This can be seen as a chapter two to First Time. If not, doesn't matter.

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Yes its a fic

Konstance's second prize from my contest over at devArt

Title Trousers Down
Rating R, probably
Words 1,755
Notes Set right after the deleted scene where Gareth comes into work in his work out clothes, trying to show off

Finally... fic

Man, it's been awhile since I posted. I know this thing's a little short, but it's an idea that popped out at me when I was watching episode six on season one. Basically a re-write of the end of the episode. Watch out for a little oocness, and of course, some omissions, as I'm changing it.

D/G. I don't think anyone's done that yet...

First person, as Gareth. Honestly, I don't think I can write in his voice, but this wouldn't work any other way. This is my opinion of his response to David "leaving."
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Guys, just because this place is called "I'm Just watching" does not mean you merely watch this commun and see if some one posts


alright alright

This place is so dead its annoying. I'm starting to think you people dont care anymore. And that's just sad. Poor Gareth.

So I present my art things to show you

Gareth's Serenade

Tim is Evil <-- Bad art style, yes I know

Emo Gareth

Tea Leaf Reading

Offoog Wedding

Offoog Cuddle

Get Off of Me

Carry Me?

That's all for now


Konstance's second story ^ ^

Title: Princess Gareth
Rating: PG
Summary: the company is putting on a play!